Space and Booking


7 rooms, including 2 living rooms and 5 bedrooms. In addition, there are 3 kitchens, 2 saunas (plus a tent sauna and a lakeside sauna), 2 bathrooms, and 4 toilets.

Kitchen equipment

Microwave, air fryer, electric stoves, refrigerators, freezers, coffee and tea maker, blender, juicer, multifunctional device, pots and pans, and a grill on the terrace. You are also free to use the home’s spices and dry goods.”


Check-in through a keybox.

We are pleased to meet our new guests in person on their arrival day. The goal is to make our travelers feel carefree and at home, and if needed, provide information about the services in our area.

Other Equipment

Badminton and outdoor games, board games, billiards, jukebox, TV, karaoke, Kawai Novus NV5S hybrid piano available for free use.

Additional Services

Neurosonic relaxation at €30/day E-Fat electric bikes (1000w) at €50/electric bike/day Canoes and boats according to price list.

Oulanka Spirit Kuusamo luonto
Lisäpalvelut voimakartoitus Oulanka Spirit

Additional Services

Three-session strength-based assessment and guidance in relaxation techniques based on cognitive-analytic theory, tailored for individuals and groups, if booked in advance.

Group relaxation session and debriefing at €120/hour Individual resource mapping and guidance for emotional obstacles with home instructions at €100/hour

Service provided by

Anna-Kaisa Penttilä, MD, Specialist in Psychiatry, Advanced Level Psychotherapist, Psychotherapy Educator.


Indoor spaces

Outdoor spaces