Oulanka Spirit, by the lake, near Ruka, offers space for thought and steps.


15 guests


6 bedrooms




Free parking

About the destination

At Oulanka Spirit, coziness and enchantment come together.

Our travelers have experienced that our old school is a large, warm-hearted home with many small homes inside. There is not much new in the home except for box spring mattresses and bathrobes. The interior is Dadaistic and a somewhat unconventional combination of recycled furniture and tableware. The spaces are suitable for nature tourism, celebrations, music and art events, group education and remote work, even for couples.

We are happy to meet our new guests in person on their arrival day. The aim is to make our travelers feel carefree, at home, and, if necessary, inform them about the services in our area.


A well-equipped kitchen with spices, appliances, and tableware available for use.


Own shoreline extends 165 meters, and cabin neighbors are out of sight.


Kettuniementie is a charming old village road and suitable for jogging.


The yard is safe for even small children.


Badminton and other outdoor games.


The space is well-suited for organizing celebrations, music, and art events.

Metsäretki Oulanka


Well-being by the clean and serene waters, in nature free from light pollution.

We want to share the calming and enchanting power of nature with your family, colleagues, friends, or even for a training event. We recommend nearby hiking destinations such as Käylä Rapids Park, Oulanka’s ‘Hiiden Hurmos’ route, Myllykoski, Pähkänäkallio, Riisitunturi, and numerous nature hiking and adventure services in the area.

After the hikes, you’ll have a home with its yards and saunas at your disposal.

Additionally, we offer our guests relaxation on a Neurosonic mattress. Its low-frequency vibrations help recover from the day’s efforts.”