Oulanka Spirit sijaitsee Kallunkijärven rannalla

Oulanka Spirit is located on the shores of Lake Kallunkijärvi

  • Canoes and a boat at your private shoreline
  • Fishing permits (!) must be obtained from the local Sale store
  • A swimming beach and a pier

Nature excursions

Tourist center and museum in Kuusamo center. Nature photography legend Hannu Hautala’s photos and story.

National Parks

  • Oulanka National Park 11 km, 11 min
  • Bear’s Ring, starting in Kuusamo, Ollila 15 km, 15 min
  • Salla, Hautajärvi, Arctic Circle 31 km, 25 min
  • Small Bear’s Ring, starting in Kuusamo, Juuma 12 km, 15 min
  • Riisitunturi National Park in Posio, 40 km, 36 min
  • Salla National Park, 61 km, 45 min
  • Suomutunturi, Kemijärvi 69 km, 53 min
  • Hossa National Park, Suomussalmi 120 km, 1h 28 min
Luontoretket Karhuntassu kansallispuistot Lappi


Four seasons, national parks, pristine flowing waters and rapids, natural beauty. Birds such as the dipper, sea eagle, and osprey, bears, reindeer.



Saunas, leisure, conversations, music, and silence. Relaxation on the Neurosonic mattress. Its low-frequency vibrations help recover from the day’s efforts.



The vacation home has three well-equipped kitchens. There is a grill and smoker on the veranda. In the yard, there is a kota with a grill, and two other outdoor fireplaces. The opportunity to cook local food yourself.



Our partner is one of the best in the world. Our own star telescope is of high quality, and everyone can admire pictures on our 8k 75″ screen. The night sky and northern lights are clearly visible from Oulanka Spirit’s terrace, free from light and sound pollution.


Training events

In the hall, there is a 16-seat table and an additional 3 tables with chairs for workshops and lectures. Our hall can accommodate 30 people, with additional chairs available if needed.



The facilities include billiards, board games suitable for all ages, and a hockey game.



The billiard room features a Jukebox. In the hall, there are sound systems, TV-radio, and a vintage LP and CD player. We have a Kawai Novus NV5S piano with the option for acoustic play and audio output through headphones.


Entertainment in the Area

In Käylä, there’s a popular dance pavilion called ‘Korpihovi.’ Ruka is the center of Kuusamo’s restaurant and nightlife scene, just 25 km away.


Indoor Activities

In the exercise room, we provide yoga mats, parallel bars, and hoops. Additionally, there’s an exercise bike.


Outdoor Activities

The yard features a sports field where you can play ball games, including badminton. In winter, you can go sledding, and a 3 km ski track starts right from the doorstep.


Käylä Village

Scenic trails, ice skating rink, jogging, hiking, ice swimming, fishing, fly fishing, berry picking, mushroom picking, Käylä disc golf course (9 holes), volleyball, sauna, bird watching, dance events, cycling.



There are cycling opportunities to explore natural attractions and various services in the area.